Monday, November 12, 2007

Prehistoric Girls in two piece outfits: FACT!

A report by Reuters today says that excavations of a 7,500 year old settlement in Plocnik, Serbia have shown that women of the time wore two piece outfits.

"According to the figurines we found, young women were beautifully dressed, like today's girls in short tops and mini skirts, and wore bracelets around their arms," said archaeologist Julka Kuzmanovic-Cvetkovic.

Not quite bikinis and Copper Age people are really a bit advanced to be Cavegirls but I'm sure the local men appreciated them anyway.

I'm sure that they looked nothing like Jennifer Lopez acting prehistoric in this rather fine photo.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cavegirl: Elle MacPherson

Ok, so she hasn't got a fur bikini but this very young Elle does look suitably Neolithic with her sticky monokini.

Now if you were a caveman wouldn't you just really need a cavegirl who could supply you with sticks to rub together to make fire? She would be like a Stone Age matchgirl. Gradually they would run out, of course, and what use would she be then?