Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dinosaurs, cavegirls and other prehistoric figures

Reaper's 28mm (probably 30mm) Jungle Girl

I have just come across an excellent resource for those looking for prehistoric wargames figures.

Mr Pugh (whilst having execrable taste in music) has put together the definitive lists of manufacturers of prehistoric miniatures in all wargaming sizes (that is 28mm or less). I found it whilst looking for more Jungle Girl miniatures where I discovered another Reaper figure (this time a 28mm cavegirl and sabretooth).

Oddly, they call it a Jungle Girl not a cavegirl which just adds more confusion to the classification of women in animal skin bikinis. She has an authentic (if overscale) stone-tipped spear and nothing about her says "modern" so to me she is undoubtedly a cavegirl. As a figure, sadly, she isn't brilliant, suffering from big head and big hand syndrome but I have to say that she has beautifully rendered toes, if you are into that part of a cavegirl's anatomy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reaper Miniatures 54mm Queen of the jungle

Biopunk has pointed me in the direction of this 54mm reaper minatures vignette by Gene van Horne (you can't be serious!)

She is very much in the cavegirl species whilst being, of course, from the genus of jungle girl. I haven't covered (uncovered) jungle girls yet as there are still many, many more cavegirls to reveal but maybe now is as good a time as any to start a little diversion. In fact, I can see a whole biological classification for cavegirls forming, which will need extra research.

Anyway, this figure is rather nice with her balletic pose and prominent sartorius muscle (we do like a girl with a nice toned sartorius!). Her doeskin (by the look of it - but you could surely paint it in the requisite spotted cat look) bikini is nicely minimalist and she has the classic teeth necklace. I'm not sure what the cat is supposed to be; a leopard, I suppose. You certainly need to be able to handle spots for this one. She sort of reminds me of some of the Lost World of Atlantis figures by Phoenix Model Developments which appeared back in the eighties. Although I have often been tempted by figures like this I always feel that they would eat into my 28mm painting time so have resisted so far. Nevertheless, I am sure it would grace any cavegirl collection.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cavegirl Art 10: Cavegirls and sabretooths

Understandably, there are quite a few pictures of cavegirls and sabretooths because, at least, they did co-exist in history (unlike the more popular dinosaurs). So here are a selection of pictures:

In this first pencil sketch the cavegirl herself is rather fine; her fur bikini is nicely ragged and she has a reasonable spear. She is shapely without being ludicrously busty. The sabretooth is not so good. Firstly, it is far too big; much more than lion size, which is what smilodon was. Secondly the artist has used a tiger as his model, which is not uncommon, given that when I was small they were always referred to as sabre tooth tigers; however this nomenclature seems to have gone the way of Brontosaurus.

This picture, by the peerless Frank Frazetta, has a somilar cavegirl/sabretooth scale issue and again it's basically a tiger. However looking at the picture more closely we can see that she is far too technologically advanced to be a cavegirl. She has metal jewellery and a metal knife. She is either a time traveller down on her luck, on an alien planet or in a lost world.

Here we have a real Frazetta, Dawn Goddess, from the cover of Vampirella magazine in 1970. Again, she is not a cavegirl due to her metal acoutrements but the sabertooth is wonderfully rendered; looking much more like a Smilodon than a tiger or lion with big fangs.

This picture is by an artist called Sandy Plunkett. Again the girls isn't really a cavegirl as she has metal bracelets but otherwise she is superb: a really nice, athletic figure and a great fur bikini. The sabretooth is dreadful, however, with a really badly drawn head (although the size is about right).

Next up we have another Frazetta with some really anachronistic flying reptiles. A good, animated sabretooth and a typically curvaceous girl.

Here we have another School of Frazetta picture with a metal sword armed warrior and an alien sabretooth. The girl is pretty strapping and has that dark and obvious look I like!

Another real Frazetta with a couple of very feral looking sabretooths and an even more feral girl. Her fur bikini is bursting under the strain and I wonder how she gets her hair to stay up like that. Maybe she rubs sabretooth semen into it as prehistoric hair gel.

Finally, yet another Frazetta. This girl also has a metal spear but she wins the prize for having the most minimalist bikini; just a few wisps of fur. Hope its warm where she lives!