Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scary Cavegirls

From an event organising firm comes this team of cavegirls who can be hired to enliven your corporate events. Obviously hailing from a cave somewhere in Essex this foursome is likely to scare any large prehistoric mammal (Essex man, for example) to death!

Cavegirl Rating: 4/10 (and that's only for the one on the right)

Contortionist Cavegirls

I was very taken with this photograph of circus contortionists Daniela Zocchi and Delia del Sol. No doubt many tribes required votive acts for their Stone Age deities and having a couple of very flexible cavegirls in your settlement would enable you to get big kudos with the gods as they perfom their intricate dawn exercises.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Naked Cavegirl

Well, this is really a picture of a girl in front of a cave rather than a cavegirl. Her fur bikini must be lying on a rock to dry somewhere as she is obviously drying herself out having fallen into a pool whilst being chased by a cave bear or some such. We like the lighting coming from the cave and, indeed the light on the anonymous cavegirl hersel.

Cavegirl rating: 6/10

Cavegirl: Heidi Klum

Just come across this rather spiffy picture of German ├╝bermodel Heidi Klum in full One Million Years BC regalia. Actually, we think this is one of the better Raquel rip-offs. Heidi certainly has the legs and the bust although, like most models of today she doesn't have the hip/waist ratio. It is, however my second favourite photograph of her after this one:

Cavegirl rating: A solid 8/10