Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cavegirl Art 14: A trio of Frazettas

Primitive beauty 11"x18" (1969)

We have put very little Frank Frazetta art on this blog which is odd, as his cavegirls are very much the ne plus ultra of cavegirl art.  Perhaps it's because his pictures are so well known that they seem a little obvious to include.  There is no denying their quality, however, so we thought we'd post these three fine examples.

The colour painting, from the late sixties, was originally published in black and white as the centrefold in a very short-lived (2 issues!) Frazetta fanzine published by Vern Coriell.  It was later released as a full colour poster in 1973.  She is, of course, noticeably missing a fur bikini and her metallic bracelet and earrings suggest that she is more a lost-world type of cavegirl than a prehistoric one, although she is carrying a workmanlike stone tipped spear.  Her full frontal appearance is reasonably unusual for Frazetta.

This drawing is from slighly earlier, 1965, and has the cavegirl rather better dressed than her coloured equivalent.   Again she has what look like metal bangles to go with her stone-age spear.

Our final cavegirl displays some wonderfully rendered fur around her hips, even if she has decided to dispense with a top.    Again, there are hints at non-prehistoric adornment but she is probably the most prehistoric of the lot, however.  The low angle viewpoint gives her a very purposeful look.

All in all the trio have to get a cavegirl score of 9/10.